It all started from one girl...


With Valentines Day fast approaching, I frantically needed to find a gift that would stand out amongst others while also being able to stun my girlfriend. While searching high and low I stumbled across some metal scraps that seemed like a suitable candidate for a handmade gift. After trying many variations, I was able to arrive at a product worth giving. A stainless steel rose that wouldn't die and its beauty was unmatched by any gift that I had ever seen! Upon giving her the Metal rose she was definitely moved by what I had presented, but sadly it wasn't enough to carry on the relationship and the two of us split ways to never speak or see each other again.


Down but not defeated, a couple months later I was approached by someone about the stainless rose that I had posted over my social media. I went on to listen to the gentleman that was so impressed with my handmade ability to produce something out of nothing. After the discussion I became inspired to figure out how I could change the world if I could get others to take part in having a product that is a handmade, quality and memorable. A top priority would be showing off the amount of detail and preparation that goes into each flower being made, since each one is unique in its own way.

Fast forward 4 years later from the first rose, today Stainless Floral now makes a wide variety of Titanium & Stainless Steel Flowers. From retail stores, weddings, awards shows, big holidays, cancer appreciation months while also supporting special causes, we strive to have our handmade flower slowly make their way across America. They're  produced locally here in Kansas City by a local welding and fabrication shop in Waldo, Kansas City, which handle powder-coating a variety of colors and using non-ferrous metals, personalization of each flower touches even the coldest of hearts. As we grow and expand, we look forward to providing memories that are everlasting while providing that warm loving feeling with each glance at a Stainless Floral product. 


What We Strive For

  • Providing a gift that's stands the test of time, a Stainless Floral gift.
  • Leaving behind a Legacy to carry on to the next.
  • Handmade quality at a affordable cost and timely manner.
  • Applying our Flowers to memories that should never be forgotten.
  • Offering that feeling of importance, dominance, power, influential, Top-Tier.
  • Giving the reassurance that you wont find another like them.
  • Becoming the talk of the party, because no one else can rival Handmade.